Greetings! I’m Steven Joseph Lynagh. I’m the creative type. I can draw. I can arrange shapes on a page. I can make those shapes move. I can code too. I can even play the drums. I have more than 10 years experience in the creative industries as an animator, illustrator, and designer. I’ve just started making web sites and mobile apps and want to make more. You might call me a multidisciplinarian. Maybe a polymath. A renaissance man. Whatever, just calm down.

When I’m not banging my head against a light box or a computer screen you might find me banging the drums for Brisbane cult rock legends Giants of Science. I like quantum physics, coffee and cricket. I think Norgwegian “Black and Roll” band Kvelertak are cool. I was once a chalet host in the French Alps.

I’m driven by a passion for quality. I believe in doing things right, whether it’s getting a design pixel-perfect or making sure a client is 100% satisfied. While your here, feel free to check out my portfolio. If you think we could work together, why don't you drop me a line?